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We have two ongoing partnerships that support the goal of recruiting and training physics teachers.

1. Working with the DC NASA Spacegrant Consortium (headquartered at AU), a cohort of 20 STEM students are engaged in a two-year, multi-component program to encourage STEM undergraduates to consider a career in education. Two physics majors from AU are currently part of that cohort.

2. We work with AU's School of Education, Teaching and Health, which run a program called Lab2Class with support of an NSF Noyce grant. This programs focuses on transitioning scientists from the laboratory into secondary education.

In addition to these programs, within the department we recently revised our major track to provide a more clear path for students interested in education. We also are very active in science outreach, and a few of our students have fallen in love with teaching from these activities.

Joining the PhysTEC coalition will help us expand these efforts and benchmark them to evidence-based practices that have succeeded at peer institutions.