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  • TIR helped a teacher new to physics (with experience teaching biology) understand the lab equipment in her room, gave her lesson and engagement ideas, and worked with her to run a lab workshop in June.
  • Teacher survey during Fall semester received over 50% return amongst physics teachers and improved our understanding of the teachers working in our area.
  • We created a map and spreadsheet for monitoring and communicating with local physics teachers.


  • Mixture of tasks and responsibilities during first year of project made it difficult for TIR to visit schools on a regular basis.


  • Community being built within LA program to support and encourage the teaching profession.
  • Teaching Introductory Physics course being offered Spring 2015 to enhance student pre-teacher community and increase mentoring opportunities.
  • The teacher survey is easy to run using a web-based survey.

Lessons Learned

  • Well-designed activities can serve to both mentor in-service teachers and provide early teaching experiences for potential future teachers.


  • TIR visited high school to mentor new physics teacher, give classroom activity ideas, and create lab equipment workshop.
  • Summer workshop on physics teacher certification.
  • Summer workshop on Vernier and PASCO lab equipment.
  • Summer workshop on simple and cheap physics demonstrations.
  • Once per semester Teacher Advisory Group meeting to discuss topics of interest and advertise PhysTEC events.
  • Local teachers attended LA poster session to communicate with students about teaching and share their perspective on the profession.