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  • Eight different Geneseo physics teacher candidates presented BLTs in local physics classrooms in 2013-14. There were fourteen separate visits to eight different school districts.
  • In 2013-14 two sets of BLT equipment ("Gauss Accelerator" and "Poisson's Dot") were designed, assembled, and built. (Goal 5 above).
  • Participating students really enjoyed being part of this program.
  • Undergraduate researchers took care of many of the logistics associated with arranging visits.
  • Second attempt at a BLT Physics Education Research undergraduate research project was successful, although better design and implementation is desirable.


  • Transportation - finding ways to get students to the schools was challenging.
  • Scheduling - it is difficult to find times when Physics Teacher Candidates can meet with high school physics classes.


  • There is significant effort in developing and implementing this program, but employing undergraduate researchers makes this more feasible. It may be hard to sustain beyond the life of the grant.

Lessons Learned

  • Continue the PER undergraduate research.


See for information on specific visits, etc.