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  • We had seven evening meetings during the 2013-14 year to work on the BLT projects. The average attendance was 8.6 students.
  • Visits of the TIR to late afternoon and evening lab sections led to more frequent interaction.
  • On March 25, 2014 we hosted a group advising session of Teacher Certification in Physics to answer questions about the process of teacher certification in New York State.
  • Four students attended the New York State section meeting of the AAPT.


  • Late in the semester, student participation in PhysTEC activities falls off.
  • Getting undergraduates to attend national physics meetings in the summer is difficult.


  • Most of these activities are sustainable because they are inexpensive.

Lessons Learned

  • We should plan PhysTEC activities early in the semester, when students are less busy.
  • We should coordinate TAG meetings so that students can meet with teachers.


  • TIR visited Phys 123, calculus-based introductory physics, classes to discuss physics teaching
  • TIR visited Phys 124, calculus-based introductory physics, lab sections throughout the semester
  • TIR kept regular evening office hours to assist students who might need help with introductory physics and to discuss physics teaching as a career.
  • Project-designed posters (Teach People Physics) highlighting Geneseo alumni.
  • Maintained and updated Geneseo PhysTEC website, .
  • Presented Geneseo PhysTEC materials in the department recruiting PowerPoint presentation for prospective students.