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  • The PI has yearly interactions with an informal Teacher Advisory Group (TAG), consisting of a subset of physics teachers who offer at least one CWU physics class for credit in their high school. He informed the teachers about what was happening with physics education at CWU.


  • Teachers in the informal TAG are from all over the state. It is difficult to have an in-person meeting more than once a year with even half of the group.


  • CWU's college in the high school programs, called Cornerstone and Running Start, are standardizing their training program, making it easier for the PI to meet with the teachers on a yearly basis.
  • The PI added three workload units to his 2014-15 workload for activities related to PhysTEC, including visiting high school physics courses for observations and recruiting.

Lessons Learned

  • The PI needs to develop a systematic way to solicit and use TAG input.


  • The PI met with an informal TAG once in the past year.