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  • We maintained our connections with local high school physics teachers, and had interested students meet with teachers to learn more about teaching as a career.


  • Holding regular meetings with high school physics teachers was an organizational challenge.


  • The relationships between the physics department and local physics teachers will continue beyond the funding period.

Lessons Learned

  • In North County San Diego, there are many districts, but all are members of the North County Professional Development Federation (NCPDF). Obtaining the support of the NCPDF Director was essential in recruiting teachers for NorCoPE. The Director provided advice, helped promote NorCoPE, and lent legitimacy to the effort.
  • The participation of PI Lawler, as a School of Education faculty member, was also helpful in initiating connections to school sites. Importantly, his familiarity with high school settings added authenticity to interactions with teachers.
  • After the initial network-building effort, contact with teachers can be sustained relatively easily.


  • Project PIs met with NCPDF Director (September 30, 2011; December 15, 2011; April 25, 2012; May 11, 2012).
  • PIs held exploratory meetings with local HS physics teachers (April 11, 2012 at CSUSM).
  • NorCoPE held monthly meetings throughout 2012-13, with 9 local HS physics teachers participating.
  • CSUSM hosted the SCAAPT spring meeting on April 21, 2012, with approximately 70 attendees.