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  • The leadership team (Physics undergraduate advisor, Chair of Physics, and Chair of Science Education) who belongs to the same college and works well together is the foundation of the success.
  • A graduate student in Science Education completed her thesis on the PHYS490 Physics-specific Pedagogical Content Knowledge course.
  • Physic Faculty were informed of PhysTEC activities on a regular basis. Faculty were invited to the Open House and mixer with several attending.
  • PI presented to College of Education faculty during faculty meeting and shared recruitment strategies and project goals. Posters and flyers are posted and distributed in the College of Education buildings.


  • Making time to communicate with different entities in the university has been a challenge. However, the division of labor by three PIs and coordinator has been working well.


  • Sharing the same floor and the common interest about teacher education through the PhysTEC project has brought the two departments closer than ever.
  • Even though not directly related to PhysTEC, the faculty collaborations between physics and science education are thriving. One group is working to develop an interactive, engaging, digital, online curriculum for Algebra-based Physics. And another physics faculty is working with a Science Education M.S. candidate to revise the laboratory manual to improve the student experience and learning.
  • A new physics summer camp for female high school students commenced as collaboration between Physics and Science Ed departments and the support from APS. TIR-2 (Beck) served as the Lead Teacher for this physics camp in 2012. A PhysTEC Scholar will be working in the camp during summer 2013.

Lessons Learned

  • Having PIs who are in appropriate positions and have excellent reputations are very important in the success of the project. As a Chair of the Science Education Department and a Single-Subject Science Credential Advisor, Laura Henriques has been representing the Science-side to the College of Education and the CSULB credential program for more than a decade.


  • We plan to have TIRs from different local districts every year to broaden the connection with districts.
  • IRB re-approved for pre- and post-evaluation of calculus-based introductory Physics classes. Pre- and post-tests for contents and attitude were given in every semester.
  • Report on PhysTEC progress to physics faculty at departmental meetings.
  • Presentation to College of Education faculty explaining PhysTEC's goals.
  • New physics faculty is recommended & accepted to attend the APS New Faculty Workshop for Summer 2013.
  • Encouraged Physics Education thesis in M.S. Science Education working with Physics faculty.
  • We sent a one-page report, a poster, and the PhysTEC newsletters to College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and College of Education deans, Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative coordinator, Provost, and President.