The 5+ Club Supported SiteThe 5+ Club Supported Site Middle Tennessee State University: Teacher-In-Residence


  • Students enrolled in The Teaching of Physics learned about challenges to expect during the first year of their teaching career, including: dealing with students, faculty, administrators, and parents.
  • TIR acts as a mentor by meeting with students as they prepared lessons for Step 1 and 2 early teaching experiences.
  • TIR offered sections of Non-calculus Based Physics I at a local high school during AY 12-13, and AY 13-14.
  • Dual enrollment Physics I was well received and will be continued for AY 13-14. Dual enrollment courses are taught by MTSU faculty in a local public high school, and the students get both high school and university credit for Non-calculus based physics I.


  • Because our TIR serves a dual appointment with the UTeach replication program, some of his time is devoted to non-physics STEM students interested in teaching careers.


  • Funding for the TIR has been pledged by the university as part of the UTeach replication grant. Our physics TIR is a permanent employee with funding that is recurring.

Lessons Learned

  • The TIR serves a valuable role as recruiter when placed in a physical space that allows for frequent interactions with physics majors.

List of TIRs over the Project

  • 2010 - present: Mark Laporte: Mark was a Physics and Chemistry high school teacher for 11 years at schools in Tennessee and Iowa (including The Webb School). He then worked as an instructor at MTSU, followed by an appointment as an instructor of physical science at a local community college before becoming the TIR of our PhysTEC project.

Finding and Hiring a TIR

  • As a UTeach replication site, our TIR is a permanent employee of the university as a Master Teacher.

Typical TIR Activities

  • The TiR interacts with physics majors working on teaching projects in Step One and Step Two courses.
  • Our TiR stays available for discussions with students interested in physics teaching by having an office space in the UTeach student work area.
  • TiR participates in panel discussions for students interested in the Physics Teaching concentration.
  • The TiR demonstrates use of physics laboratory equipment for high school physics activities to physics majors taking the Step classes.