Biographies: West Virginia University

Michael Tilley

Michael TilleyI graduated from the University of Arkansas - an original PhysTEC site - with a BS in chemistry. My physics education included lectures and labs led by Dr. Gay Stewart and Dr. John Stewart, who really opened my eyes to the fact that there has to be a lot going on behind the scenes in order to produce an effective classroom teaching strategy.

After graduation, I certified in teaching chemistry and physics and landed a full-time job teaching AP Chemistry and Pre-AP Chemistry (and bonus bowling coach) in Van Buren, Arkansas, where I was able to apply my knowledge and experience from many summers of work in a proprietary analytical chemistry lab. My goals in this position were many, but big ones included teaching critical thinking and introducing students to how fascinating - yet understandable - the universe can be. This was work that I loved and was reluctant to leave, but West Virginia's need for physics teachers called, and I'm full of optimism for the impact that the Drs. Stewart and I will have here.