Biographies: Texas State University

Tracy Cooper

Tracy CooperI went to the Northern Arizona University where I received my B.S. Afterwards, I attended Universty of Arizona where I dId some grad work in Microbiology. After marrying and moving to Texas I worked as a microbiologist for 4 years before turning my attention to teaching. My first years of teaching were spent at an inner city school where I started the AP Physics program. After moving to 1 more high school, teachng Honors Physics and Physics, I finally settled at Dripping Springs High School in Dripping Springs Texas teaching AP Physics 1, and AP Physics 2.

Russell Krummell

Russell KrummellMy name is Russell Krummell, and I was born and raised in the Canal Zone, Panama. Went to Wichita State University in Kansas and Texas State University in Texas and got a double major in English and Physics and secondary teacher certification in English, Physics, and math. Worked as a physics, math, English, journalism, and yearbook teacher at The American School of Asuncion In Paraguay for 16 years and got my Masters in Secondary Education through the University of Alabama International Programs before returning to the States and settling in San Marcos, Texas. Have two daughters, Hope and Jazmin, who are very active in the arts, especially the performing arts. Love the visual arts myself, playing guitar, singing, playing basketball, camping, building and tinkering, and serving the community through my affiliation with the Baha'i Faith. I am currently working on a doctorate in School Improvement through Texas State University. I love exposing young people to hands-on physics, especially mechanics, and busting the myth that physics is inaccessible, cryptic, and male oriented.

Pamela Word

Pamela WordMy name is Pamela Word and I teach physics at John Jay High School and the John Jay Science and Engineering Academy in San Antonio, TX. I used to be scared of physics. I let my peers talk me out of physics in high school and after some frustrations with physics at the university level, I graduated from the University of Texas San Antonio with a B.S. in Biology and a Texas Composite Science 8-12 teaching certification. I started teaching at Harlandale High School in San Antonio right after graduation, and at the start of my second year I was asked to teach physics. I felt like I couldn't say no. I was terrified, but I was certified, so I became a physics teacher. With the support of two master physics teachers on that campus, I came to learn just how awesome it is to learn and teach physics. Over the past ten years, physics has become not just a subject I teach, but also a defining aspect of who I am as a teacher. I continually strive to learn and improve, and in 2013 I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in Science Education. My ultimate goal each school year is to open the eyes of my students to the wonders of physics and now I hope to share that passion with others in my new role as a Teacher in Residence at Texas State.