Biographies: Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo

Michael Landino, 2003-2004

LandinoAfter graduating high school with honors, I attended Phoenix College (a junior/community college) and began a major in Electronics.  I changed over after my second year to a major in Zoology and received my associate degree.  I attended the University of Arizona in Tucson and majored in Zoology with a minor in Chemistry/Physics.  After receiving my bachelor's at the U of A, I went to Eugene, Oregon and began my master's program majoring in biological sciences and taking education courses for a teaching credential.  While at the University of Oregon I did my student teaching and also entered an intern-teaching program as a full-time teacher in 1965.  I attended many professional development programs, on my own initiative, to continue my informed education in all aspects of education and in the sciences.  I have attended various colleges and universities as well as workshops.  I returned to a full program for my doctoral in 1980 and received my degree in 1983.  I have since continued contact with all aspects of my teaching profession by subscribing to professional journals and organizations, as well as continued formal and informal education programs.  I even attained an administrative credential in the process.  I have taught every grade level from elementary to University programs, both formally and informally.  So my forty years of teaching have been very rewarding and I feel as strong now as I have from the beginning.  I find that the ideas I have developed are coming to the forefront of the educational process.  This gives me the satisfaction that I was and maybe still could be ahead of my time in the educational process.  The PhysTEC program has given me an opportunity to do a year of research on the science education programs.  Thank you for this!

Nancy Stauch, 2004-2009

StauchI began teaching in 1984.  Although a biological science graduate from Cal Poly State University, my teaching career for the past 20 years has found me in physical science!  I have spent the majority of my time at the 8th grade level and absolutely love it!  The energy of the junior high student is a sight to behold, one that I find refreshing and fun!  Each year I hope my students leave me with a love of science and the confidence that they can be successful in their future academic and social situations. (I teach a sex ed course at the end of every year!)

I was fortunate to have wonderful master teachers, so it was an easy decision to want to be involved in teacher education. I have had over fifteen student teachers and with each I have grown as an educator.  It is so easy for the classroom teacher to become isolated from the rest of the "world".  Working with Cal Poly and the student teaching program keeps me excited about my profession, abreast with what is happening at the university level.  When Chance Hoellwarth contacted me about the Teacher in Residence program I jumped at the opportunity to be involved in teacher education at the college level. Although I am hearing from my school that I am missed, a good thing I suppose, I am looking forward to this awesome opportunity!

David Buck-Moyer, 2005-2007

Buck-MoyerI was trained as a high school chemistry teacher at Occidental College in Eagle Rock, California. I began my teaching career in 1977.  For the first five years I taught a variety of science and math courses in a continuation high in Santa Maria, California.  While it sounds strange, it is was the purest teaching and involved the least classroom management of any job of my teaching career.   My new wife and I then decided to move to the US Virgin Islands to live and teach out the rest of our lives.  It lasted one year, the teaching not the marriage (we are still married).  Upon returning to the mainland, I started teaching in a Jr. High school in Los Osos, California.  I thought it was only until I could find a job at the high school level.  It turned out I loved the age and the curriculum and didn't leave for 19 years.   In 2000 I started working at San Luis High, where I taught physical science, a little chemistry, and some math. Now I am extremely lucky and happy that the local college, Cal Poly, asked if I would serve as a Teacher in Residence for the year 2005-2006.

I have a great supportive family, my wife and two daughters: one away a college and one a sophomore in high school.  I enjoy the recreation and fellowship of playing in basketball, softball and tennis leagues. Over the years I have participated in the variety of extras that teachers involve themselves in.  A partial list includes having served as a mentor teacher, union negotiator, and technology mentor. I've participated in pilot teaching programs, been the site teacher of the year, club advisor and been the science department representative on more committee meetings than seems possible.