The 5+ Club Supported SiteThe 5+ Club Supported Site University of Arkansas: Faculty

Mike Wavering, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction (2001-2007)

physics professor John Stewart, Assistant Professor of Physics (2001-2007)

Daniel Kennefick, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics, (2003-2007)

William F. Oliver, Associate Professor of Physics (2001-2007)

Caroline Beller, (now at Oklahoma) Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction (2001-2006)

Tamara Snyder, Instructor of Physics (2003-2007)

Jeffrey Sabby, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics (2004-2007), now faculty at SIU-E

Gay Stewart, Associate Professor of Physics, PPI Lead (2001-2007)

Several other members of the College of Education are involved, but not actively teaching PhysTEC courses.