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Talks and Presentations

March 2007: Workshop: “Implementing Student Constructed Investigations in an Inquiry-Based Classroom”. 2007 MSTA Annual Meeting: Grand Rapids, MI
Presenter: Drew Isola

Workshops: “Recruiting a New Generation of Physics Teachers: The Role of Mentoring in the Learning to Teach Continuum” and “Retaining a New Generation of Physics Teachers: The Role of Physics Departments in Effective Mentoring Programs.” 2007 Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PTEC) Annual Meeting: Boulder, CO. ( - Isola1) ( - Isola2)
Co-presenters: Bob Poel and Drew Isola

January 2007: Paper Presented at Association for Science Teacher Educators Annual Conference – Clearwater, FL “Wanted: Teacher-in-Residence to Work with Physics Department, Education Department, and Local Schools. Skills in Walking on Water Not Required, but Helpful.”
Exploring the Teacher-in-Residence (TIR) component of a national project designed to improve and promote the education of future physics and physical science teachers.
Marcia K. Fetters, Western Michigan University; Paul Hickman, PhysTEC; Drew Isola Western Michigan University

January 2007: Paper Presented at AAPT Winter meeting – Seattle, WA. Connection Master Teachers to Build a Community of Support for Teachers of Physics. Paul Hickman, PhysTEC and Marcia Fetters, Western Michigan University.

July 2006: Poster: “Development of a Wave Concept Survey”. 2006 AAPT Summer Meeting: Syracuse, NY (
Author: Alvin Rosenthal
Co-authors: Charles Henderson, Drew Isola, David Schuster

Contributed Paper: “Building a Community of Physics Teachers to Support the Learning to Teach Continuum”. 2006 AAPT Summer Meeting: Syracuse, NY (
Author: Drew Isola


April 2007: MDE Writing Team: Drew Isola was asked to serve as a writer for the Michigan Department of Education–sponsored Physics Clarification Documents and Physics Units of Instruction to support the new Michigan High School Science Course Content Expectations. These documents will be disseminated and used statewide by physics teachers to help them align their courses to the new MI Physics Course Expectations. This project is ongoing.

Workshop: “Mentoring Beginning Physics Teachers.” 2007 NSTA National Conference: St, Louis, MO
Co-presenters: Dale Freeland and Drew Isola

April 2007: American Physical Society’s Forum on Education Newsletter, Fall 2006/Spring 2007: “Recruiting a New Generation of Physics Teachers at Western Michigan University.” Co-authors: Bob Poel and Drew Isola and "A Quiet Revolution in Preparing Future Teachers of Physics.” Co-authors: Drew Isola, Julia Olsen, and Paul Hickman