Supported SiteSupported Site University of Arizona: Appendix 3: Physics TIR Interview Questions

Role of PhysTEC TIR

  • Co-teaching & assisting with STCH courses
  • Coordinating field placements for students in STCH courses
  • Observing pre-service teachers working in area classrooms
  • Supervising student teachers
  • Assisting with development & teaching of science content courses for elementary education students
  • Assisting with revision and development of curricular materials for STCH courses

Time commitment

20 hours/week during summer XXXX
fulltime during the XXXX-XX school year (We will arrange to pay your school district for your replacement, and for you to continue to receive your salary from your district.)

Physics TIR Interview Questions:

Please tell us about your academic preparation, in both science content and teaching.

What would we observe if we visited your classroom? What would you be doing? What would students be doing?

Please describe your experience in science teacher preparation; e.g., work with student teachers or observers.

Please tell us the three most important things that you want student teachers to understand based on their work in your classroom.

Please describe your experience serving as mentor to new teaching colleagues.

Please tell us the three most important things that you want to help new teaching colleagues to understand.

Please describe professional activities in which you participate.

What strengths would you bring to the PhysTEC project and Teacher Preparation Program?

What questions do you have of us?