Supported SiteSupported Site University of Arizona: Appendix 2: Teacher in Residence Application Form

The goal of the PhysTEC project is to improve the science preparation of future teachers. The University of Arizona has been chosen as one of the initial participant institutions, and PhysTEC support will be used to supplement our new College of Science Teacher Preparation Program.

One of our key activities will be to involve high school teachers as Teachers in Residence (TIR), working with us in our Science Teaching courses and assisting with reform of our physics courses.

We are looking for a high-school teacher who

  • Teaches primarily physics or physical science
  • Practices teaching based on national science standards and focuses on student understanding
  • Has experience in teacher preparation; e.g., has had student teachers or pre-service observers

The time commitment for the Teacher in Residence is:

  • 20 hours/week during summer XXXX (This is negotiable, but it is important to have some overlap between the outgoing and incoming TIRs.)
  • fulltime during the XXX-XX school year (We will arrange to pay your school district for your replacement, and for you to continue to receive your salary from your district.)

The Physics TIR will join other TIRs involved in the Teacher Preparation Program in working with our STCH courses and prospective teachers.

Physics TIR roles include

  • assisting with STCH courses
  • coordinating field placements of our students
  • observing pre-service teachers working in area classrooms
  • supervising student teachers
  • coordinating the student teaching seminar
  • assisting with revision of targeted physics courses.
  • participating in summer workshop for mentor teachers

If you are interested in joining this exciting project, you will need to complete the attached application form, and obtain three references (forms attached). Please submit your materials to

Ingrid Novodvorsky
Dept. of Physics
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721
621-4721 (fax)
626-4187 (phone)