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Teacher Characteristics and Student Learning in Secondary Science: Research Review, Eleanor Close, AAPT Summer National Meeting (2009)

Elementary Teachers’ Analysis of Energy Transformations in Their Own Kits,
Hunter Close and Rachel Scherr, AAPT Summer National Meeting (2009)

Teaching the Joy of Learning about Student Thinking in Physics, Hunter Close and Rachel Scherr, AAPT Summer National Meeting (2009)

Designing a Diagnostic Learning Environment: A Workshop for Teacher Educators,
Hunter Close, Eleanor Close, and Lezlie DeWater, AAPT Summer National Meeting

The multiple roles of a master teacher in a small institution,L. DeWater and S.Vokos, 2008 PTEC Conference

Learning Assistants: Re-imagining undergraduate TA's as future pre-college physics teachers, Hunter Close and Lane Seeley, 2008 PTEC Conference

Recruiting tomorrow's physics teachers: Challenges, opportunities and strategies, Rob Thorne, Michael Marder, Valerie Otero, Lane Seeley and Gay Stewart, 2008 PTEC Conference

The role of physics education researchers in improving teacher education: Faculty, pedagogy, context, and climate, Ted Hodapp, Laird Kramer, Jill Marshall, Valerie Otero and Stamatis Vokos, 2008 PTEC Conference

The role of a physics departments in the recruitment, preparation and support of pre-college teachers of physics, L. Seeley, Northwest APS Meeting (2008)

Learning Assistants: Re-imagining TA’s as Future Pre-college Physics teachers
Lane Seeley, Stamatis Vokos, Hunter Close, AAPT Summer National Meeting (2008)

Improving Student Learning Through Continuous Formative Assessment
Stamatis Vokos, Pamela Kraus, Eleanor Close, Hunter Close, Lane Seeley, AAPT Summer National Meeting (2008)

Implementation and Results of a Learning Assistant Program,T. Bogue, AAPT Winter National Meeting (2007)

An Ounce of Prevention: Preparing Teachers to Effectively Use Diagnostic Assessment
L. Seeley, 2007 PTEC Conference

How a Learning Assistant program can transform a physics department into a dynamic learning community. A. Vermeer, AAPT Summer National Meeting (2007)

A master teacher’s role in building a community around the preparation and support of classroom teachers, L. DeWater, AAPT Summer National Meeting (2007)

Working with pre-service elementary teachers, L. DeWater, TIR gathering, AAPT Summer National Meeting (2007)

Creating and Sustaining a Teaching and Learning Professional Community at Seattle Pacific University.L. Seeley and S. Vokos, American Physical Society Forum on Education, Summer Newsletter (2006)