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Professional Development Opportunities and Local Alliances

Professional development opportunities

Physics faculty teach the physics MST courses, which are scheduled to be accessible to inservice high school teachers.  

The Center for Research in STEM Education (RiSE Center) has hosted a biennial conference titled "Integrating Science and Mathematics Education Research into Teaching" that includes a Summer Academy (both funded by the National Science Foundation in 2006) at the end. This year, in conjunction with the MainePSP, the theme of the conference will be research on knowledge of student thinking.

Local alliances

Most of the current local alliances are in conjunction with the efforts of the MainePSP.

In the past, the deparmtent has hosted a Local High School Physics Teachers Collaborative, to foster a sense of community, and a forum for discussion, among high school physics teachers in the area.  The group met approximately monthly.  The Collaborative serves as a resource for individual participants; this group mentality can then be applied to the improvement of teaching and learning in the classroom.  (The HS teacher collaborative has recently been resurrected by a group of teachers, and UMaine faculty are participating as they can.)