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Scholarships and Outreach
Professional Development Opportunities and Local Alliances

Scholarships for preservice physics and physical science teachers

The department has an endowment for merit-based scholarships for all majors.  Twenty-four undergraduate students in our programs were awarded departmental merit scholarships totaling $40,700 for this year.    

Outreach programs

The department runs an annual Maine Physics and Physical Science Teachers Meeting.  The one-day meeting consists of three parts:  plenary talks, workshops, and discussions.  The morning usually contains a few physics research talks, some on "traditional" physics, and some on physics education research.  The most recent meeting included talks by MST students on their research projects, which were relevant to high school teaching.  Professional development workshops on teaching physics concepts based on research or roundtable discussions on the state standards are given in the middle of the day, and repeated so attendees can participate in more than one.  The afternoon includes additional presentations and a panel discussion of teaching and learning issues.  (past programs)

The department offers a full schedule of planetarium shows and public observatory nights for school groups, clubs, and the public, with about 6,000 visitors (largely K-12 students) each year.

The department's outreach efforts also include shows, hands-on equipment demonstrations, public presentations, and science contests at the Engineering Exposition, Science Fair, LEGO League Competition, in classrooms and for interested clubs.  Partial support for this outreach came from a grant of $10,000 from the American Physical Society.  In the past year, our outreach efforts have included:
• 23 visiting groups to campus
• 41 total schools (some in separate groups)
• 20 Other events or activities that were multi-school
Approximately 7,605 students were reached directly.