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Teacher Advisory Board
BYU Certifies 105 physics teachers in 8 years

Teacher Advisory Board Formed

In the fall of 2005 a Teacher Advisory Board (TAB) as a partnership between BYU and the public school teachers in the community was created. The TAB was a joint effort with the help of the 3 colleges and the public schools, the college of Physical Science, Integrated Biology and McKay school of education plus the local school districts and teachers who participated. Duane Merrell (physics) and Marta Adair (integrated Biology) identified teachers and made the contacts to create this teacher advisory board. The feeling of Adair and Merrell were that BYU needs these public school teachers to have any hope of helping to develop the numbers and quality of teachers that will graduate from BYU. The TAB has been formed and the goal is to meet with the TAB teachers two times a semester to develop and refine the types of practicum experience BYU students will have. Students at BYU start with introduction to science teaching our (276) class, which is 48 hours in schools as a practicum. During their methods in science teaching class the students have a second practicum experience (378) that is 30 hours of work teaching a unit they develop with the help of a TAB member. They develop and teach this lesson with the TAB member they are paired with. The Teacher Advisory Board has helped in developing this practicum and have had input in asking that the students come and spend the experience with them. Finally after taking the introduction to science teaching (276), methods of teaching science (377) and Practicum in teaching science (378) the students are prepared to do the student teaching experience. 276, 377, 378 and student teaching are all taught and monitored by the College of Physical Science. This is in collaboration with the BYU's McKay School of Education where the students work through technology, psychology, multicultural, management classes and are prepared for teacher licensure by the State of Utah. This education component is 7 semester hours of classes plus student teaching (12 semester hours). The College of Physical Science is responsible for all other course work.

During the summers grant funds have been solicited from the Utah State Office of Education for teacher enhancement workshops.  During one week the past four years the teachers from the teacher advisory board have been invited to campus for one weeks workshops.  Vernier technology along with training workshops have been held in two of the summers.  A make and take workshop where teachers built and tested equipment--hot air balloon launchers, paper rocket launchers, egg into wall accelerators, red-green-blue colored spot light systems was one other summer.  This past summer the workshop was the physics of the audio speaker where the teachers from the advisory board made 5 surround sound speakers going through the dynamic testing, box design, electronic crossovers and painting sanding and assembling the speaker boxes.  In the end teh teacher took home or to school 5 wonderful surround sound speakers.  

With these efforts for these advisory teachers we get a return of great mentoring of students when they go into the public schools.  

Small trade if you ask me.