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Recruitment and Outreach

Recruitment efforts

Recruiting physics teachers to be is difficult since state pay is so low and many jobs were erased due to budget cuts. In this area, graduates usually do not teach physics alone, they teach biology, mathematics, or chemistry as well.   They are recruited just as all other physics major and medical physics majors are recruited-by phone call if ACT scores are sent and by mailing brochures and information through our website.

Scholarships for preservice physics and physical science teachers

The Teacher Shortage Employment Incentive Program TSEIP is a legislative program administered by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. The program reimburses eligible student loan  
expenses or pays an equivalent cash benefit (now probably $10,000) to individuals who graduate from an Oklahoma accredited teacher education program, receive teaching certification in math or science, and agree to teach  
in an Oklahoma public secondary school for at least five years.  

Other scholarships:
  • Brown Mackin Scholarship-Physics Department Scholarship (the competition is among all physics majors).
  • SPS Future Teacher Scholarship - $2000 from has been won by one of our future physics teachers.
  • Also, see the ECU Education Department. Most of our students receive funding here, but the amount varies.

  • Outreach

    The Society of Physics Students does demo shows both on campus for groups and at rural schools within an hour of ECU.  These students teach others and learn concepts at a much deeper level by teaching.  The SPS group does outreach activities on campus by providing free tutoring in General Physics I, II, and General Physical Science. They learn more deeply by tutoring others.


    The ECU NSTA Student Chapter does recruit students every semester by simply asking them to join. NSTA is more of a professional development tool as the teachers learn to make presentations on a national level through web meetings and work with their peers in elementary education as well.