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Program Goals
2016 Outcomes
Program Data

  1. Currently the program has 20 students, with 7 who qualify as physics teachers by the PhysTEC definition.
  2. Collaboration website is now live
  3. A verbal agreement has been reached between registrars and financial personnel at each institution. This will allow students to pay for all UNC coursework as part of their tuition payment through Mines.
  4. An articulation agreement on finances, financial aid, course credit, registration and project leadership is now being drafted.
  5. Four part time TIRs were hired Fall 2015. A full-time TIR has been hired who will begin in August 1, 2016. Three of the four current TIRs will continue in part-time roles with their projects and to help train the new TIR.
  6. Teachers and administrators from schools, districts, and the state had been incorporated into the program as part of the Teacher Advisory Group.
  7. An outline of a quality Mentor Teacher has been developed based on inputs from the TAG.
  8. The collaboration received a 100Kin10 Microchip to support the TAG.
  9. The collaboration received the Noyce Scholarship Program to support Mines teacher candidates.
  10. Collaboration flowcharts are in-place for Mines programs in Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Math and Statistics, Computer Science, and Chemistry.
  11. A new student group focused on education now exists at Mines. The group plans to become an officially recognized Mines Club in the fall.
  12. Recruitment material is in-place with the Center for Academics Services and Advising at Mines to market initiative and collaboration as both a pathway to secondary teacher preparation and training for post-secondary teaching.