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Project Goals
2016 Outcomes
Program Data

1. Our overarching goal is to increase the number of students with certification to teach physics by at least a factor of two within 3 years (at least 6 per year with a optimistic goal of 10 per year).

2. Develop a framework for recruiting with multiple entry points into the Physics Teacher Education program; encouraging additional Physics certification by Chemistry and Math majors.

3. Create a “teacher-rich” environment within the department of Physics & Astronomy through:

a. A vibrant Learning Assistant program in Introductory Level Physics courses,

b. An innovative Learning Assistant model program for early teaching experiences in High Schools, and

c. Physics Education Research experiences for pre-service high school physics teachers.

4. Create the Rowan Area Physics Teachers (“RAPT”) group, which will provide:

a. Networking, mentoring, and inspiration to future physics teachers and newly inducted teachers, and

b. An ongoing relationship between high schools and higher education.

5. Quantitatively track and assess the success of the above initiatives.


6. Disseminate the project’s findings.