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The project collects data on the number of PhysTEC Graduates and PhysTEC Future Teachers; these PhysTEC terms are defined here. The project also collects data on physics pedagogy courses, early teaching experiences, and enrollment in K-8 physical science courses for future elementary school teachers.


PhysTEC Graduates (Years funded 2015-2018)
BaselineProject Funded
Year -2 Year -1 Year 0 Year 1 Year 2
- - - 2 -

Future Physics Teachers
Year -2  Year -1  Year 0  Year 1  Year 2  Year 3 
- - - 3 3  

Definition of a Future Teacher at Texas State University: 

Students who (1) are enrolled in a degree program that includes any of the following teacher certifications: "7-12 Physics/Math", "6-12 Physical Science", "7-12 Science", (2) are physics majors, were not able to enroll in a physics teacher certification degree plan before it was operational in May 2016, but enrolled in a Curriculum and Instruction course for Fall 2016, (3) have informally but clearly declared an intention to pursue teacher certification after completing a bachelor's degree

Commentary on Future Physics Teachers data: 

We are also working with Institutional Research to make these numbers easier to count using the university's self service tools, which can be found at


Course number Course name Name of research-based curriculum Enrollments
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
PHYS 1310 Elementary Physics I Pilot Program 1000
PHYS 1320 Elementary Physics II Pilot Program 1000
PHYS 1110 Elementary Physics Lab Adaptations from Physics by Inquiry 1000