Supported SiteSupported Site Texas State University: Project Goals

  1. Produce five secondary physics teachers per year by the end of year three and every year thereafter.
  2. Create and enact a new course in physics teacher education, PCP2, that can function as a reification of the distinctive and discipline-specific intellectual demands involved in secondary science teaching and discipline-based education research. In addition to preparing physics students for secondary teaching, this course will serve as an example within the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) and promote cultural change regarding the status of teacher preparation and education research.
  3. Establish a model of elementary teacher physics instruction for our institution that can be scaled up to serve all future elementary teachers at Texas State. This model is enacted through two new courses for elementary teacher candidates, Development of Concepts in Physical Science I & II.
  4. Create and sustain a well-connected professional network for practicing and prospective physics teachers, facilitated by the Teacher In Residence, in which many participants know each other’s names and regular call on each other for assistance and community support.