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  • GSU hosted the Fall 2013 meeting of the Atlanta Metro Physics Teachers Group from which a number of experienced teachers were recruited to be part of the Teacher Advisory Group (TAG).
  • The TAG has been assembled and most will attend the GSU PhysTEC Summer Retreat on June 20. The TAG will provide support and encouragement for new teachers.
  • The first graduate in December 2013 of the undergraduate physics teaching path was hired as full time teacher in Spring 2014.
  • Three PhysTEC undergraduates performed student teaching in Fall 2013 (half days in middle school) and Spring 2014 (full days in high school). In Spring 2014, they were observed and mentored by the GSU TIR.
  • All four PhysTEC graduates from the undergraduate pathway will be attending the GSU PhysTEC Summer Retreat along with six experienced physics teachers (TIRs and TAG members) to establish support relationships for new teachers.


  • One difficulty is getting student teachers or new teachers to attend events due to the busyness of their schedules.
  • It takes time to establish a network of physics teachers. The loss of the College of Education member of GSU PhysTEC team made this more difficult.
  • We need to continue building support for sustaining the TIR funding.


  • The establishment of the Teacher Advisory Group will put in place an experienced base of support for new physics teachers.
  • Our experience in working with College of Education to oversee student teachers will make this easier next year.

Lessons Learned

  • It appears much easier to get new teachers or recent graduates to attend a summer event with a stipend incentive than to attend events during the school year.


  • Three PhysTEC undergraduates in Spring 2014 were observed and mentored by the GSU TIR.
  • The GSU PhysTEC Summer Retreat was held on June 20. This one-day event included four experienced teachers, two TIRs, three new graduates with teacher certification, five pre-service physics teachers, and the PhysTEC team.