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The GSU PhysTEC project is committed to establishing an effective physics teacher preparation program including a thriving undergraduate pathway to certification and to recruit, mentor, and support these physics teachers.

Our goals are:

  • Increase the number of well-qualified physics teachers with particular attention to developing physics teachers from underrepresented groups to serve the Atlanta region.
  • Support those considering, pursuing, or completing physics teacher preparation programs using a GSU Physics Teacher-in-Residence.
  • Expand the use of research-based instructional strategies in physics courses at GSU for the benefit of all physics students and to model best teaching practices for future teachers.
  • Create teaching experiences including Learning Assistants (LAs) to allow students to investigate teaching careers.
  • Introduce physics pedagogy courses for undergraduate and graduate students to improve their preparation for teaching and to influence culture of teaching in physics and other sciences.

Selected Outcomes

  • Four undergraduate physics majors graduated in 2013-2014 with Teacher Education concentrations and certification. Two graduate students with undergraduate physics degrees are completing a Master of Arts in Teaching in August 2014 with teacher certification. Five undergraduate physics majors have assignments for student teaching in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.
  • The Teacher-in-Residence mentored undergraduates in student teaching. Along with other members of PhysTEC team she gave presentations about physics teaching in lower and upper division courses for physics and other natural science majors.
  • A new pedagogy course, Phys4300, was taken by undergraduate Learning Assistants in Fall 2013. It was taught with a redesigned pedagogy course for graduate students, Phys6300.
  • Three lab sections of the first course in calculus-based introductory physics sequence were transformed with redesigned laboratories with LA-led tutorials in Spring 2014.
  • One pre-service and one in-service teacher introduced physics material into the GSU Academy for Future Teachers (AFT) summer program for high school students with interest in STEM teaching.