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To increase the number of pre-service teachers completing licensure in physics by improving advising and access to information, offering early experiences through LA opportunities and pedagogy courses, incorporating a TIR as mentor and local resource, and coordinating within the Colleges of Science and Mathematics and Education to collaborate and streamline routes to licensure.

Selected Outcomes

  • Graduated two students from the MAT program with physics teaching licensure after a ten year period with zero graduates.
  • Implemented TIR program. TIR successfully mentored students, worked with the College of Education, and served as co-PI on a funded proposal to offer Modeling training to in-service teachers in June 2014.
  • One of two faculty programs highlighted at the JMU Board of Visitors Meeting in January 2014.
  • Program elements served as a model for a Noyce capacity building proposal submitted in March 2014, which would primarily focus on curricular reforms.