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  • Recruit future physics teachers who have a strong physics content background.
  • Implement a flexible Physics B.A. program, which will allow students to take courses in education (or other areas of interest, such as business or biology).
  • Continue implementation of physics education research-based reforms of physics courses at all levels.
  • Continue expansion of the Learning Assistant Program to additional courses.
  • Develop a physics course for pre-service elementary teachers.
  • Explore factors related to faculty buy-in for and broadening participation in physics teaching careers.

Selected Outcomes

  • At the end of Year 1, we have three Learning Assistant Program participants actively looking for high school teaching positions (two in physics). Two of these students (one in physics) are enrolled in the MAT program as of May 2014.
  • An additional three physics major graduates are actively looking for high school physics teaching positions and working with the TIR to explore certification options.
  • Five returning LAs gained early teaching experience by developing and implementing lessons for a local high school physics class.
  • The TIR offered several professional development opportunities for local teachers, including a physics-specific workshop for Osceola County and physics Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE) training for Orange County.
  • The Physics BA Program received initial approval as a new degree designation.
  • Concepts in Physics was selected for the General Education Program, which will facilitate recruiting elementary education majors to take the course.