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Undergraduate Fellowships

Undergraduate fellowships are offered through CHEPREO and the College of Education. The CHEPREO fellowships give students a unique opportunity to experience both teaching and research. Fellows assist in the modeling-based introductory physics courses, lead the Treisman-based study groups, and/or work in the open labs (that support the modeling class) during the first half of their degree. As their physics knowledge builds, they are encouraged to participate in physics research for the second half of their degree. The dual nature of the CHEPREO fellowships allows students to experience both teaching and research so they may confidently make career decisions. The sustained reform efforts brought on by members of the PTEC team through departmental and grant-funded activities have transformed the physics department. Faculty members appreciate the reform efforts and are incorporating better teaching methods in their classes. They have welcomed a new PER faculty member into the department and are allowing assessment to be done in most introductory physics classes.

Scholarship Resources

Please see the CHEPREO fellowships described just above.

Research Experiences for Teachers and Students

Teachers and their students also have the opportunity to participate in physics research through activities including QuarkNet. QuarkNet ( is a national program that provides training and participation in high-energy physics research. FIU is one of 49 QuarkNet centers in the United States. Teachers and students also participate in
research with other physics faculty on an informal basis.

Also, please see the research opportunities for CHEPREO fellows described above.

About Florida International University

Florida International University is a minority-serving public research institution in Miami, Florida. Over 37,000 students were enrolled at FIU in the Fall of 2005, a population that included 56% Hispanic, 13% African American, and 57% female. Most FIU students come from the South Florida region, a region where the fourth (Miami-Dade) and fifth (Broward) largest public school districts in the country are located.