The 5+ Club Supported SiteThe 5+ Club Supported Site Arizona State University: Faculty

  • Robert Culbertson, Associate Professor, Department of Physics. Project Director and instructor of introductory majors courses.
  • Kelli Gamez-Warble, Faculty Associate, Department of Physics. Oversee LAs, teach pedagogy courses, work with new teachers, interface with Physics faculty.
  • Darya Dolenko, Physics Instructional Resource Team Manager, Department of Physics. Oversee LA program.
  • Carl Covatto, Lecturer, Department of Physics. Assessment of general studies courses.
  • Eugene Judson, Assistant Professor, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. Induction and mentoring.
  • James Middleton, Professor, Fulton School of Engineering (FSE). Liaise with FSE.
  • Anna Zaniewski, Instructional Specialist, Department of Physics. Recruiting.
  • Physics Faculty involved in teaching courses influenced by ASU PhysTEC