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The project collects data on the number of PhysTEC Graduates, PhysTEC Future Teachers, PhysTEC Learning Assistants, and PhysTEC Mentors; these PhysTEC terms are defined here. The project also collects data on physics pedagogy courses, early teaching experiences, and enrollment in K-8 physical science courses for future elementary school teachers.

PhysTEC Graduates (Years funded 2011-2014)
BaselineProject Funded
Year -2 Year -1 Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
5 1 1 1 2 2


Future Physics Teachers
Year -2 2008/09 Year -1 2009/10 Year 0 2010/11 Year 1 2011/12 Year 2 2012/13 Year 3 2013/14
7 6 12 15 21  13

Definition of a Future Teacher at SUNY Geneseo:

Any student whose major is listed as BA Physics, AdolescentEducation,Physics & General Science, or any student majoring in a science discipline, taking the secondary education courses, minoring in physics and planning on seeking physics certification by transcript evaluation.

 PhysTEC Mentors
Year 1 2012/13 Year 2 2013/14 Year 3 2014/15
PhysTEC Mentors (current and prior TIRs) 1 1  1
Mentored PhysTEC Graduates      
Mentored non-PhysTEC Teachers      

Definition of PhysTEC Mentor:
Any PhysTEC TIR who mentors a practicing K-12 teacher or pre-service teacher. (Mentors are counted each year, so after their first year of mentoring, they are recounted if they mentor in the next year.)

Commentary on Mentoring data:
Our Teacher in Residence is a part-time TIR, and was tasked with mentoring undergraduate preservice teachers only.


Course Number Course Name Semester Credit Hours Primarily for college physics teaching (Y/N) Primarily for secondary physics teaching (Y/N)
INTD302 Methods & Materials in Secondary Educ: Biology, Chemistry, Geology, & Physics 3 N Y

Commentary on Pedagogy Course Data (include a brief description of each course):
This course is designed to provide the theory and practice necessary to teach science at the middle school (junior high school) and high school levels. Future physics teachers have the opportunity to focus on learning physics teaching. Students will use a variety of instructional materials and strategies to develop lessons and a unit based on the NYS Standards for Mathematics Science and Technology and appropriate State and/or local curricula. The course focuses on developing skills to help learners of different needs and abilities meet the goal of scientific literacy.
Prerequisites: INTD 203, EDUC 204, and SPED 205.
Corequisite: INTD 300. Credits: 3(2-2).
Offered every spring


Course Number (if applicable) Name of course (or program/ experience) Typical hours per semester Teaching college students (Y/N) Teaching K-12 students (Y/N)
  Build-it Leave-it Teach-it Program (BLT) Estimated: 4-6 hours per semester N Y

Commentary on Early Teaching Experiences in Physics (include a brief description of each):

  • Eight different Geneseo physics teacher candidates presented BLTs in local physics classrooms. There were fourteen separate visits to eight different school districts.
  • Three students hired as undergraduate researchers designed, implemented and completed a BLT PER project based on Interactive Lecture Demonstrations. They reported this work at SUNY Geneseo's GREAT Day.
  • Two sets of BLT equipment ("Gauss Accelerator" and "Poisson Dot") were designed, assembled, and built.