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Project Goal: Double the number of physics majors at Geneseo recommended for certification in physics.

Goals for this year:

  1. By May of 2014, at least six students from the class of 2014 will earn certification (or be earning it within the year) and at least twelve students from the classes of 2015 and 2016 will be enrolled as physics teacher candidates.
  2. Travel with at least four Geneseo physics teacher candidates to a national physics meeting to attend PER presentations.

Project Goal: Develop and test a model of collaborative Activity Teams, bringing together upper level teacher candidates, 1st and 2 nd-year physics majors, and area high school students as a way to encourage physics majors to understand and consider careers in high school teaching.

Goals for this year:

  1. By May of 2014, at least six of our physics majors will participate on Build-it, Leave-it, Teach-it (BLT) teams involving three or more local high schools.
  2. By May of 2014, a team of Geneseo undergraduate researchers will have completed an undergraduate research project on PER using data from the BLT.
  3. The TIR, student researchers, and Activity Teams will design and fabricate at least two pieces of equipment for the Build-it, Leave-it, Teach-it program.

Project Goal: Develop two new courses that integrate physics content courses with physics pedagogy to support the new 5-year master's program.

Additional Goals for this year:

  1. Goals for this year: By May of 2014, The PhysTEC team will have submitted a course proposal to the Education and Physics and Astronomy Departments that meets the needs of the new 5-year combined degree program.

Selected Outcomes

  • One student earned certification in December of 2013. One May 2014 graduate accepted a job teaching physics (without certification) at a private school, and three students are doing their student teaching in the fall for a December 2014 graduation. There are nine students from the classes of 2015 and 2016 enrolled as physics teacher candidates. (Goal 1 above)
  • Four Geneseo physics teacher candidates attended the March 29, 2014 New York State AAPT meeting at Rochester Institute of Technology and two Geneseo physics teacher candidates attended the 2014 PhysTEC Coalition Conference in Austin, TX. (Goal 2 above)
  • Eight different Geneseo physics teacher candidates presented BLTs in local physics classrooms. There were fourteen separate visits to eight different school districts. (Goal 3 above)
  • Three students hired as undergraduate researchers designed, implemented and completed a BLT Physics Education Research project based on Interactive Lecture Demonstrations. They reported this work at SUNY Geneseo's GREAT (Geneseo Recognizing Excellence, Achievement, and Talent) Day. (Goal 4 above)
  • Two sets of BLT equipment ("Gauss Accelerator" and "Poisson Dot") were designed, assembled, and built. (Goal 5 above)
  • The Geneseo Teacher Advisory Group met on February 20, 2014 and had a good discussion about ways to involve Geneseo students in local physics classrooms and a good interaction at a mixer for teachers and PhysTEC students.
  • We submitted a proposal for a chapter in the Effective Practices in Preservice Physics Teacher Education , a peer-reviewed book sponsored by the Physics Teacher Education Coalition, and were invited to submit a full proposal. The full proposal was not selected for the book, so we are modifying this to submit to a peer-reviewed journal.