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  1. Develop a joint certification math-physics teaching major.
  2. Develop a Learning Assistant (LA) program.
  3. Enhance community college articulation and recruiting.
  4. Increase the number of qualified physics teacher candidates from an average of one to an average of three per year.

Selected Outcomes

The PI:

  • The physics and math departments developed the scope and sequence for a dual degree program in physics and math education.
  • The memorandum of understanding formalizing the dual degree program was signed by the physics department chair, the mathematics department chair and the college dean.
  • The PI developed two learning assistant courses, PHYS 292 and 392. These courses were approved by the university curriculum committee.
  • PHYS 292 is called Exploring Physics Teaching. Students in their first quarter working as LAs take this course to learn and discuss facilitation techniques and pedagogical content knowledge.
  • PHYS 392 is called Exploring Physics Teaching II and is co-taught with 292. Students in their second quarter working as LAs take this course to further learn and discuss facilitation techniques and pedagogical content knowledge as well as to do an action research project in the physics course that are an LA for.
  • The PI taught PHYS 292 and supervised 7 learning assistants spring quarter 2013.
  • The physics department received feedback from Green River Community College faculty about our dual degree program. Made minor revisions based on that feedback.
  • The physics department graduated two physics teachers this year for the first time in nearly 20 years. There are at least two teacher candidates in PhysTEC pathways.
  • The PI created a physics teacher education Rack Card, a slick 4"x9" double sided information card to distribute to potential physics teacher candidates at school visits and campus open-houses.( Link).
  • The PI developed and published a CWU-PhysTEC web page (
  • The PI finalized the curriculum for and taught PHYS 392 (Exploring Physics Teaching II), a course for advanced learning assistants, all three quarters of the school year.
  • The PI taught PHYS 292 (Exploring Physics Teaching) all three quarters of the school year.
  • The physics department hired and trained 21 learning assistants, including 16 first time learning assistants.
  • The department partnered with the Running Start office to send four physics learning assistants to the state physics teachers meeting to interact with high school and college physics instructors. Running Start is a program that facilitates high school/college dual credit options and works with the high school teachers, including physics, that teach these dual credit courses.
  • The PI laid out and published a chart of CWU Pathways to Becoming a Physics teacher ( Link)
  • The PI started a database of all students interested in becoming a physics teacher.