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Physics and Astronomy at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) is well positioned to make a significant and immediate impact on the production of teachers in the state and region. We have many of the pieces in place to propel our teacher education program to excellence on a national scale with the help of PhysTEC. Specific goals include:

  • Increase the number of students pursuing careers in physics teaching
  • Increase the number of physics teaching graduates
  • Develop a new course in physics pedagogy
  • Offer a new course concentrating on teacher licensure exams
  • Reform the Calculus-based Physics sequence, similar to the SCALE-UP project
  • Hire a Physics Education Research (PER) expert to replace a retiring faculty

Selected Outcomes

  • Four physics teaching graduates Fall 11 (1), Spring 12 (1), Fall 12 (1), and Spring 14 (1)
  • All physics teaching students passed Physics and Mathematics Praxis II exams
  • Number of majors pursuing physics teaching increased from 3 to 12
  • New course, The Teaching of Physics, taught by PER faculty
  • PER expert, Dr. Brian Frank, joined MTSU faculty in August 2011
  • New course, Physics Licensure I, taught by PER faculty
  • New course, Physics Licensure II, taught by PER faculty
  • Calculus-based Physics I/II reformed during AY 11-12
  • Non-calculus based Physics I/II reformed during Summer 2014
  • Formal Learning Assistant program piloted in Spring 2014