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  • Mel Sabella, Professor of Physics and Department Chair, Chemistry and Physics.
    Sabella focuses on the majority of actions that deal directly with the recruitment of students into one of three certification pathways. Sabella did much of the publicity for the program and led the effort in developing the Teacher Immersion Institute and working with the students and Chicago Area Co-Teachers in the course. Sabella also maintained paperwork for the project. Sabella worked on publicity for the project. Sabella fostered the collaborations between HS teachers and CC faculty and led the effort in preparing the second paper on the Teacher Immersion Course.
  • Andrea Gay Van Duzor, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Chemistry and Physics.
    Van Duzor worked on the aspects of recruitment that fit with the Physical Science and Everyday Thinking Course or the Physics and Everyday Thinking Course and the components that fit directly with the CSU Noyce Program. Van Duzor oversaw the Learning Assistants. Van Duzor also constructed the IRB document for the project. Van Duzor also played a role in the presentations given by project staff and in the writing of the paper for the Physics Teacher Magazine. Van Duzor is leading the effort on a paper that will focus on collaborations with the TYCs.