PhysTEC Fellows Program

Announcing a new initiative from PhysTEC!

PhysTEC Fellows is a new program of the Physics Teachers Education Coalition. The Fellowship lasts approximately two academic years and will conclude in August 2019. It provides recognition and support for faculty looking to develop their physics teacher preparation programs. Fellows work with their institutional team and each other to develop and implement changes to their program. Expertise and community building is provided through videoconferences and attendance at the 2018 and 2019 PhysTEC Conferences. Participation in the program will provide access to national physics teacher preparation leaders, help Fellows to become more visible leaders in the community, and increase competitiveness for future funding opportunities.

The PhysTEC Fellows Program is open to all faculty at PhysTEC Member Instiutions, except currently and previously funded PhysTEC sites.

Benefits and Expectations


  • Interact with national leaders in physics teacher preparation
  • Gain access to project knowledge and expertise, including tools and strategies
  • Join a cohort of PhysTEC Fellows sharing similar goals
  • Increase competitiveness for funding opportunities, including PhysTEC
  • Become a more visible leader for physics teacher preparation
  • Build institutional support and recognition for your program
  • Full travel support for two people to attend the 2018 and 2019 PhysTEC conferences


  1. Fellows must attend the 2018 and 2019 PhysTEC conferences.
  2. All Fellows are encouraged to attend the monthly video conferences during the academic year (3-4 per semester); at least one Fellow on each team must attend each video conference.
  3. Fellows must develop and refine a plan of action for improving physics teacher preparation at the local institution
  4. Fellows must submit brief (<1 page) annual reports on current and planned activities to advance the physics teacher preparation program and provide current teacher graduate numbers.


September 22: Applications Open

October 27: Applications Closed (all application components must be received)

December: 2017-19 PhyTEC Fellows Announced

February 9-11: 2018 PhysTEC Conference and Building Thriving Undergraduate Physics Programs Conference

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