Apply to the PhysTEC Fellows Program

Applications for the PhysTEC Fellows Program are now closed.

The PhysTEC Fellows is a new program of the Physics Teachers Education Coalition. The Fellowship lasts approximately two academic years and will conclude in August 2019.

Criteria for Fellowship

  1. Open to all faculty at PhysTEC Member Institutions, except currently and previously funded PhysTEC sites.
  2. Applications may come from a single faculty member or a team of two.
    1. When a team applies, at least one must be a member of the physics department and at least one of the two must be tenured. 
    2. We welcome involvement from the institution’s College of Education or another STEM or science education department wishing to improve STEM teacher preparation. 
    3. Teams of more than two faculty may apply, but the institution is required to provide funding for additional faculty members to attend the PhysTEC conferences during the duration of the award.
  3. Fellows must commit to attend the 2018 and 2019 PhysTEC Conferences.  A solo Fellow is encouraged to invite a collaborating colleague. The 2018 Conference is 9-10 February in College Park, MD.

Application Instructions

  1. Complete The PhysTEC Fellows Cover Sheet and all items on the checklist below. Teams of two (or more) Fellows should submit a single application
  2. Email the completed form and individually labeled attachments to

Application Components

Letter of Nomination from an administrator (chair, dean, or provost) of the applicants’ department or college. This letter may cover more than one faculty member if they have the same administrator. The letter should address the following:

  • The strengths of the nominee as a campus leader for physics teacher preparation.
  • The commitment of the academic unit to addressing the shortage of well-prepared physics teachers, including any specific commitments to support the Fellow’s work. 

Program Summary (1-2 Pages)

  • Institutional context. Briefly describe the institution, including how teacher education fits with the mission, and whether it is a minority-serving institution. Also, briefly describe the physics department, including major education initiatives.
  • Teacher education. Briefly describe any existing program(s) to educate physics teachers. Also, describe the need for physics teachers in your region or state.
  • Data table. Provide a data table with the following: (a) the number of students who received bachelor degrees in physics for each of the last 3 years and (b) the number of graduates from physics teacher education programs for each of the last 3 years.
  • Project activities. Outline a plan of action for improving the physics teacher preparation program, and describe any resources available to help carry out proposed activities.
  • Project team. List key faculty and staff who will implement the project and briefly describe their experience relevant to physics teacher education. 

Personal Statement (1 page per applicant) from each applicant addressing motivations for taking leadership in physics teacher education.