Strategies for Collaboration with Local School Districts

published by the Physics Teacher Education Coalition

A hallmark of success for a teacher preparation program is meaningful collaboration between universities and local school districts. A National Research Council's Center for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education publication recommends that universities and school districts form partnerships to "establish a comprehensive, integrated system of recruiting and advising people who are interested in teaching science, mathematics, and technology." PhysTEC suggests several ways to increase this mutual interest.

Physics-Education Faculty Collaboration Strategies

published by the Physics Teacher Education Coalition

Many new physics teachers find themselves inadequately trained in physics content, unaware of effective physics and physical science teaching methods, or both. Often they have taken teaching methods courses that provide little preparation for the unique challenges of teaching physics. Physics and education faculty must work together to provide future physics teachers with strong pedagogical content knowledge – a combination of deep content knowledge in physics and an understanding of student learning processes and best teaching practices.

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