Applying for Noyce Phase I & II

written by Gay Stewart and John Stewart

The National Science Foundation's Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program seeks to encourage talented science, technology, engineering, and mathematics majors and STEM professionals to become P-12 mathematics and science teachers. In this workshop, Gay Stewart, PI of a Noyce at the University of Arkansas and adviser on several other Noyce projects, will help participants gain an understanding of the features of the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program and assist them in developing their own ideas for projects and proposal preparation. Her funded proposal, with reviewer comments and project responses, will be used to help participants consider their own programs and data, and how to prepare a potentially successful proposal.

Math and Science Partnership Program: Strengthening America by advancing academic achievement in mat

written by the Math and Science Partnership Program

Launched in 2002, the Math and Science Partnership (MSP) program at the National Science Foundation is a research and development effort to build capacity and integrate the work of higher education, especially its science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplinary faculty, with that of K–12 to strengthen and reform mathematics and science education.

A Synergistic Model of Educational Change

written by Valerie K. Otero, Michael J. Ross, and Samson Sherman

CU Boulder recruits teachers through the Colorado Learning Assistant  (LA) program and through the STEP I and STEP II courses of the CU-Teach curriculum (part of the UTeach national replication effort).  A critical part of our recruitment, preparation, and retention efforts is the Noyce Fellowship Phase I and Phase II programs, which provide support for LAs and CU-Teach students who have committed to teaching in high needs school districts. Finally, the Master Teacher track of the Noyce program provides crucial support for our Streamline to Mastery induction program, which seeks to retain teachers while preparing them for leadership positions in their districts and for participating in the national dialog on educational assessment and educational change.

Leveraging Corporate Support for Science Education Reform at Seattle Pacific University

written by Eleanor W. Close

Describes Seattle Pacific University's success at leveraging corporate support for science education reform.

Partnerships for STEM Education

written by Kevin Foster, Kathleen Bergin, Ann McKenna, Don Millard, Lance Perez, Joan Prival, Daphne Rainey, Hannah Sevian, Elizabeth VanderPutten, and James Hamos

This article provides a general introduction to the NSF's math/Science Partnership project. It provides an overview of the project and discusses some of the project's successes.

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