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Improving Physics Education through a Diverse Research and Learning Community at Florida Internation - Nov 23, 2008

Florida International University (FIU) is changing the face of physics education in South Florida, with the goal of increasing the quality and quantity of physics teachers, including traditionally underrepresented minorities and women, through an integrated research and learning community.

Starting a Teacher Preparation Program at a Research University - Sep 12, 2008

The University of North Carolina's  mission statement highlights undergraduate and doctoral education and discovering knowledge, but only at the very end (almost as an afterthought) are they charged to "address, as appropriate, regional, national and international needs." Laurie McNeil, physics department chair at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, discusses their successful effort to implement a teacher preparation program.

Teaching to Learn: The Colorado Learning Assistant program's impact on learning content - Jul 19, 2008

As part of the PhysTEC coalition, the Colorado Learning Assistant (LA) program has been expanded in order to address the needs of teacher preparation and support.

Teacher Recruitment at the University of Arkansas - May 27, 2008

The University of Arkansas has changed the structure of its undergraduate classes in order to more effectively recruit teachers.

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