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Preparing urban students to teach in the urban classroom: Chicago State University’s PhysTEC Program ` - Dec 13, 2011

Chicago State University is positioning itself to be a leader in preparing science teachers for the urban instructional environment by incorporating innovative, research-based instructional materials in its courses and by providing intellectual and financial support to students who choose to pursue certification in science.

Physics Teaching Embraced at MTSU with the help of PhysTEC ` - Jan 21, 2011

Physics teacher education is taking center stage at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), and being selected as one of three new comprehensive PhysTEC sites brings added momentum to the cause. This article introduces MTSU's new PhysTEC program and its relation to MTSU's U-Teach program.

Chicago State University ` - Nov 4, 2010

Mel Sabella, project leader at Chicago State University says, "Students at Chicago State have a strong desire to positively impact the community from which they come, and we believe pursuing a teaching career in a high-need area is one of the best ways to do so."

Teacher Preparation at Rutgers University ` - Oct 14, 2010

"Pedagogical content knowledge and preparation of high school physics teachers" contains a scholarly description of pedagogical practices of the Rutgers Physics/Physical Science
Teacher Preparation program.

PhysTEC at Cornell: A Progress Report ` - Apr 16, 2010

This article reports on Cornell's role as a primary PhysTEC institution in addressing the national shortage of high school physics teachers.

College Ready in Mathematics and Physics ` - Jul 19, 2009

The mission of the College Ready Mathematics and Physics Partnership, a 7M dollar NSF MSP program led by the University of Arkansas, is to enhance mathematics and physics learning in its districts and to prepare student for success in mathematics, science, and teaching careers.

Recruiting a New Generation of Physics Teachers at Western Michigan University ` - Jul 11, 2009

The Physics Department at Western Michigan University (WMU) has been focusing heavily on the recruitment and retention of future physics teachers since the 2000-2001 academic year.  This article highlights the efforts of Western Michigan to recruit and retain science teachers.

Recruiting the Next Generation of Science Teachers ` - May 11, 2009

Undergraduate students at the University of Arizona who wish to become middle or high school science teachers have a unique opportunity to pursue their goal in the company of other science majors and under the guidance of science educators and experienced mentor teachers. This article presents some of the methods used to recruit science majors into the program, as well as plans to increase the number of students recruited.

Private Funding for Physics Teacher Preparation at James Madison University ` - Feb 22, 2009

Early in the summer of 2007, the Department of Physics and Astronomy at James Madison University received $250,000 from the Toyota USA Foundation to fund the University's efforts in the development and training of physics and physical science teachers.

The First Year of PhysTEC at the University of Minnesota ` - Jan 5, 2009

The ten Learning Assistants that worked in Physics 1101 in the spring 2008 semester brought a pioneering, adventurous, "make it work" attitude to their job. This was demonstrated by the way that they interacted with the students and by the overwhelmingly positive formal assessments of their value in the lecture.

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