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Reforming Teaching - Apr 1, 2009

In a recent commentary in EdWeek, Darling-Hammond & Haselkorn say, "the United States needs to pursue a higher standard--in the caliber of candidates entering teaching, the quality of programs that prepare them, and society's support for teachers across their careers."  Read the article!

Teacher Evaluation - Mar 18, 2009

This recent paper reports on an analysis of state statutes and department of education regulations in fifty states for changes in teacher evaluation. One finding is that the long standing tensions between the helping and evaluative functions of Supervision are likely to remain incompatible. Read the paper.

Ready for College? - Feb 26, 2009

A recently released report from Achieve tracks efforts by states to set expectations for high school graduates that are in line with the demands of college and careers. While most states have standards only 10 states have assessments rigorous enough to measure whether high school students have met those standards. Read the report.

Professional Learning Communities - Feb 7, 2009

A new report called "Professional Learning in the Learning Profession" from the School Redesign Network finds that unlike other countries, K-12 teachers here seldom work with colleagues to observe practice, analyze student work, or develop study groups. Read the report.

State Teacher Policy Yearbook - Jan 30, 2009

A new report, released by National Council on Teacher Quality, finds that the laws and regulations of a majority of states discourage promising new teachers from sticking with the profession.  Read or download the report.

Middle School and College Readiness - Jan 10, 2009

A new study, "The Forgotten Middle," from ACT found that 8th grade achievement (especially in math and science) showed a stronger relationship with college and career readiness than any other factor. Maybe we should not forget middle school teachers in our efforts for better physics teaching. Read the report or Executive Summary

Year of Science 2009 - Jan 5, 2009

This year is not only the International Year of Astronomy but also the Year of Science. The overarching theme for this effort is "How We Know What We Know." Each month will have a theme beginning in January with the nature and process of science - and how we can best communicate about science. Find out more.

Out-of-Field Teaching - Nov 27, 2008

A new report released by The Education Trust finds that low-income students and students of color are about twice as likely as other students to be enrolled in core academic classes taught by out-of-field teachers, The problem is most sever in math and science. Read more.

Bayer Facts Of Science Education - Nov 6, 2008

Now in its thirteenth year, the Bayer Facts of Science Education survey gauges the public's opinion on the state of science education in the United States. This year the survey explores the dual issues of diversity and under-representation of women and minorities with Fortune 1000 STEM Executives. Find the surveys.

Presidential Candidate’s Education Positions - Oct 20, 2008

As part of the October issue of Kappan, there is an editorial called Education with a Whimper, Not with a Bang. Perhaps more than any other year, with the problems in the economy, your chosen candidate's position on education issues are important. You can read the editorial or just the policy statements and proposals of Obama and McCain. Read the editorial.

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