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PhysTEC News Fall 2008 edition - Oct 19, 2008

This edition of the PhysTEC News describes the new PhysTEC Noyce Scholarship Program and reports on the increasing number of teachers graduating from PhysTEC institutions. It also reports on the PhysTEC teacher gathering at the AAPT Summer Meeting and an exemplary Teacher-in-Residence.

The Science and Math Teacher Imperative: The Need for Science Faculty Participation - Sep 16, 2008

As part of the efforts of major state universities to enhance the supply of secondary math and science teachers, the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC) has developed the Science and Mathematics Teacher Imperative. Objectives of the Teacher Imperative are to leverage the growing interest in science teacher preparation by universities and build collaborations with key education and government leaders in states to collectively address this critical national problem...

APS Forum on Education Newsletter Summer 2008 - Sep 12, 2008

In this issue, Laurie E. McNeil discusses starting a teacher preparation program at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and Laird Kramer details the use of learning communities at Florida International University. Monica Plisch examines the use of teacher preparation to fulfill the NSF's Broader Impact requirement.

AAPT - Committe on Teacher Preparation Minutes - Edmonton 2008 - Jul 28, 2008

The Committee on Teacher Preparation met on July 20th at the AAPT meeting in Edmonton, Alberta. Topics discussed included increasing the number of sites with Math Science Partnership grants, the Task Force on Physics Teacher Preparation, the new RTOP listserv, PhysTEC, and sessions and workshops for the summer 2009 AAPT meeting.

The Role of Colleges and Universities in the Preparation of Future Teachers - May 12, 2008

Physics teachers suffer the highest rate of attrition of any subject area, and are often under-qualified for their positions.

PhysTEC Newsletter Volume 1 - Spring 2008 - Apr 25, 2008

The first edition of the yearly PhysTEC newsletter. This issue introduces the new PhysTEC sites and contains articles about the 2008 PhysTEC conference. Articles also include interviews with Master Teachers and coverage of the regional PhysTEC meeting in North Carolina.

APS Forum on Education Newsletter - Fall 2007 - Feb 9, 2008

The most recent issue of the Forum on Education newsletter contains articles detailing teacher preparation resources in other collections on ComPADRE.

APS Forum on Education Newsletter Fall 2006/Spring 2007 - Sep 20, 2007

This edition of the Forum on Education Newsletter contains detailed descriptions of the teacher recruitment efforts at Arkansas, Arizona, Western Michigan, and Colorado, all PhysTEC sites. Also included is an article by two PhysTEC teachers in residence and an article about NSF funding for teacher preparation.

Still at Risk: A National Failure to Implement - Sep 6, 2007

This presentation highlights the process of improving STEM programs. It outlines how changes have been enacted in the past to improve education in STEM disciplines. The presentation gives an overview of previous national reports and suggestions for improving STEM education.

Journal of Physics Teacher Education Online Vol 4 No 3 - Aug 31, 2007

In this volume of the journal, the articles included are: Physics Teacher Education Reform (Editorial), Guiding Experiences in Physics Instruction for Undergraduates, Gender Differences in Physics: A Focus on Motivation, A Physics Teacher Candidate Knowledge Base, and The Motivation and Recruitment of Physics Students and Teachers

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