Transforming an Introductory Class with Modeling Discourse Management Documents

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Transforming an Introductory Class with Modeling Discourse Management 

written by Laird H. Kramer

Participants in this interactive workshop will learn how Modeling Discourse Management can be used as a vehicle for reform in introductory physics courses. Modeling Instruction courses operate as a collaborative learning environment, where student activities are focused on the process of building, validating, and deploying models. The process of modeling replicates the central activity of practicing scientists and, therefore, strongly integrates an explicit Nature of Science theme throughout the curriculum. Modeling Discourse Management is a technique for directing student-student discourse within a Modeling Instruction class. Students, in small groups, work on activities designed to encourage model building. Students share their ideas via portable whiteboards, coming together for student-driven discussions. The instructor’s role is to moderate discussion and orchestrate appropriate activities for knowledge development. Participants will engage in Modeling Discourse Management activities as well as learn how modeling has transformed the undergraduate physics experience at Florida International University.

Last Modified March 20, 2009