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Strategies to Support Our Novice Teachers 

written by Paul Hickman, Dan MacIsaac, and Lezlie S. DeWater

Too many science and mathematics teachers leave the profession within their first five years. While a certain amount of teacher attrition is inevitable, and even beneficial, our country's schools are often compared to leaky buckets for their inability to retain high-quality STEM teachers. Increased recruitment does little good if new teachers leave before they have the chance to gain experience and develop professionally.

This interactive workshop will provide some background on Induction and Mentoring and engage you in thinking about how you can increase the retention of the teachers you produce. We will look at the mentoring process, explore the many hats a mentor wears and examine the concerns that research shows many new teachers have articulated. We will also review some tools that have been used to support the mentoring process and novice teachers' professional growth.

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