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written by Valerie K. Otero

This workshop is designed for physics faculty who are currently running, or intend to run, weekly preparation sessions with Learning Assistants (LAs). These weekly sessions supplement the pedagogy course for LAs. In weekly sessions, physics faculty, LAs, and sometimes graduate teaching assistants plan for the upcoming week of classes, reflect on the previous week, and analyze assessment data from previous implementations of the course. We have found these sessions to be most effective when they are structured and closely aligned with the upcoming topics to be covered in the class. We have modeled our approach to closely follow that of the University of Washington's Tutorial training sessions.  In the workshop, participants will engage in a sample of the activities we do in our planning sessions and will begin to plan their own sessions for the upcoming or current semester. Participants will discuss advantages and disadvantages to different approaches for running the weekly planning sessions in their own contexts.

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