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Analysis of Learning Assistants’ Views of Teaching and Learning 

written by Kara E. Gray and Valerie K. Otero

For several years the University of Colorado has been using undergraduate Learning Assistants (LAs) in their introductory science and math courses.  While the LAs have teaching duties very similar to graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs), first year LAs are also required to take an education course focused on teaching methods. The purpose of this course is to first help LAs improve their teaching in the university classrooms and to encourage some of the LAs to consider careers as K-12 science teachers.  Throughout the semester LAs are asked to reflect on their learning about teaching and on the applications of these concepts to their current teaching experience.  This paper will present an analysis of this learning experience from the perspective of the LAs.  The paper will also present how LAs evolve as teachers and as learners throughout this experience.

Published October 20, 2008
Last Modified May 21, 2009

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