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Physics Teacher Preparation: Problems, Perspectives, and Solutions 

written by Theodore Hodapp

Currently, the production of certified high school physics teachers in the United States is about one third of the need. Although physics is the highest need in the sciences, need for high school chemistry teachers is also acute. States like Texas and Minnesota have recently passed legislation mandating additional science requirements for high school students, but produce only a fraction of the teachers needed to fill the legislated demand. In physics, the American Physical Society, American Association of Physics Teachers, and American Institute of Physics have been collaborating on a project called the Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PhysTEC / PTEC). PhysTEC has now tripled the production of teachers at a number of schools, and the Coalition, PTEC, has over 110 member institutions working collectively to improve teacher education in the sciences. This talk will describe the program and the possible parallel efforts that might be initiated in the chemistry community.

Published August 17, 2008
Last Modified August 25, 2008