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Open-source Tutorials implemented with Learning Assistants 

written by Laird H. Kramer and Renee Michelle Goertzen

This workshop from the 2011 PhysTEC Conference details a package of research-based, open-source, epistemologically-focused tutorials, along with the detailed information instructors need to make effective modifications and provide professional development to teaching assistants. In particular, the tutorials are embedded with comments from the developers, advice from experienced instructors, and video clips of students working on the materials. These tutorials have been implemented at FIU with the help of LAs as part of our PhysTEC Project. Impact includes improved conceptual understanding in lecture classes and a positive result on a physics and physics learning surveys. We will offer suggestions on how to effectively introduce and use tutorials using LAs, based on FIU's experiences. Participants took home a DVD that includes tutorials, homework, instructor's guides, pretests, exam questions, solutions, captioned video episodes, and video workshops that integrate tutorials with video episodes.

Last Modified June 2, 2011