PhysTEC AMTA Online Course Instructors

Rex Rice is currently in his 34th year as a high school physics teacher. He is a proponent of "physics first" and has been involved with teaching physics to ninth graders since 1990.  He has taught AP Physics since 1980.  Rex has been a Physics Teaching Resource Agent (PTRA) through AAPT since 1986, and has led dozens of workshops for physics teachers through the PTRA program, as part of the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Foundation, through the Modeling Instruction program, and for the St. Louis Area Physics Teachers Association. He was trained in Modeling Instruction from 1995-1997 at Arizona State Univeristy, and has been using modeling as the basis of his physics courses for freshmen, juniors, and seniors ever since.  The most recent Modeling workshops that Rex has led have had an emphasis on teaching physics for ninth graders using Modeling instruction.  He has been involved in the development of apparatus and curriculum materials for teaching physics via modeling instruction for nearly twenty years.  Rex currently teaches honors freshman physics and AP Physics at Clayton High School in Clayton, Missouri where he has been since 1989.

Michael Crofton has 32 years of high school physics teaching experience in Minnesota.  He taught General Physics, Honors Physics and Advanced Placement C Mechanics plus Electricity and Magnetism.  He was trained in the Modeling method  in the summer of 1997 and spent the last 15 years of his career using it with his students.  He firmly believes that Modeling is unsurpassed as a method of teaching physics.  Michael began leading Modeling workshops in 2000 and since that time he has led 18 three week workshops in which a total of approximately 400 teachers were trained.  He has led Modeling workshops in Mechanics, Mechanical Waves and Electricity and Magnetism.  He has also led numerous shorter workshops and introductions into the Modeling method.  Leading workshops has taken him to places as varied as Arizona State University in Tempe, AX, Columbia Teachers College in New York City and even to Singapore.  He has also assisted in writing the Modeling curriculum and teacher notes for Microscopic E&M and Mechanical Waves.